Sola™ is our range of portable off-grid solar power systems, it includes different models ranging from 77 to 1228 Wh of battery capacity to suit all home-based and outdoor-use applications.

Sola™ is a new generation solution specifically designed to support a Pay as you Go (PayGo) sales approach. Each unit is equipped with a GSM SIM-card slot and a GPS chip to enable the system to be activated and managed online. This also enables remote support and troubleshooting functions.

All the models come with advanced LiFePO4 batteries with an integrated battery management system to ensure a long life and optimal charge/discharge cycles. The batteries are rated to serve 2,000 cycles with minimal degradation.

The higher capacity models also come with a built-in AC inverter to power small home appliances.


Rural Power

Lack of infrastructure and limited access to capital are two of the biggest hurdles to serving electrical power in rural communities. Our products, coupled with a 'Pay as you Go' financing approach, in addition to leveraging on existing distribution channels enable us to bring affordable solar power to those communities.

Domestic Power

Our wide range of models can power most of the small to medium sized home appliances, including small fridges, TVs, etc. This translates to a huge saving on power bills.

International Organizations

Our portable products are perfectly suited for fast deployment to crisis and disaster areas. We work closely with international and non-governmental organisations to provide quick power solutions to their own staff and to the relief of the people in those areas.

Camping & Outdoor

When planning your next camping or outdoor trip you may wonder how you are going to power some of your essential accessories? It is a time to get away from technology, but powering a small fridge, camping lights and charging your GPS device or even your mobile phone can make your adventure more comfortable.


Affordable Power

One in five people in the world live without electricity, our affordable products and financing approach enable our clients to easily replace their kerosene lights with solar power. Our aim is to provide access to electricity for everyone.

Asset Ownership

People in rural communities such as in Africa spend 30% of their income on non-replenishable items like candles, kerosene or petrol. Our aim is to help households gain ownership of productive assets that they need and use.

Financial Inclusion

More than half of the world’s population don’t have access to bank accounts or any form of credit. By providing products on credit and partnering with local agents and micro-payment providers, our clients can start building a credit history that will enable them to access financial services for their other needs.

Better Quality of Life

The hazardous nature of candle and kerosene-based lights can result in fire accidents and the harmful fumes that they produce put children at risk. Solar power is a more efficient, clean and safe alternative than can also power a wide-range of small home appliances which results in an overall better quality of life.


Our operations create jobs in rural areas where opportunities are limited, we aim to contribute to local communities in a positive way. We also invest significantly in training and the personal development of our employees and agents.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

By generating electricity from renewable energy sources, we also help reducing carbon emissions and make the world less polluted.